When it comes to photo textures and overlays, glitter has become an apparent trend, inspiring its own visual style among many people of all ages. Be it on social media or personal photo editing, there seems to be quite a lot of content and imagery that features glitter as an element of design. In this post Creative Stoic shares 4 free glitter textures and overlays that you can use as you like – backgrounds, overlays on your own photos, 3D material and much more. Read more for some basic examples and be sure to download them for free and give them a try on your own personal projects.

The textures

Basic examples used in overlay, lighten, and screen blend modes on various images from my portfolio to showcase different applications. As with any texture, for best results it is highly advisable you create layer masks to further manipulate the textures and add or remove parts of it from the final image. Free glitter textures are abundant on the web, so be sure to look around for more after you check out these, especially if you are just getting started.

Basic photograph overlay example
Basic overlay set to lighten mode on a painting for more overall depth
Abstract mode overlay – similar to the glitter effect trend you see on social media

Grab them for free here in high resolution and enjoy making images you like!

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