Rusty (not fresh) from the imaginarium or point and click raw capabilities of Camera Halide Pro (Pro?) here are 7 completely free wall paint textures.

Textures in general are fun to work with, no matter how they look like. Because of the many possibilities one can achieve in their graphic design projects or simple photography overlays, all textures are invaluable, but these ones are special (not Rothko special [?] but you’ll see). These 7 free wall paint textures can be used in.. if you are actually reading this, you already know so let’s jump straight in to the good stuff:

The textures:

One, two, three, four, seven! Where can we use them?
A new Disney movie came out today. It’s Cruella, and I haven’t seen it but what the heck, here’s a picture of lead actress Emma Stone:

Now let’s make a quick digital sketch thingy of this image, add 2 of these (did I mention free?) textures and we end up with this:

Looks good? Maybe? Okay let’s try something else. Here’s a shot of Anya Taylor-Joy from a film (mini series) I actually saw and liked a lot, The Queen’s Gambit – you should watch it too. This time just drag the slider up and down to see the effect of one of these textures on the original photograph from the scene.

Here’s another example overlayed on da Vinici’s Vitruvian Man

Not good enough huh? Well then, let’s move away from digital illustrations and photography overlays. Let’s try these textures say on… a weather app? The default iOS one? Why the hell not.

Still not good enough? Okay. Time to give them a try on 3D models. For a very quick example we’ll use a free 3D model of a bomb that can be found here. Since there is a ton of 3D software for creation and renders, we’ll skip that and simply show the basic texture input on the very limited 3D capabilities of Adobe Photoshop 2021. Here’s a video:

And here is a final quick and rough render in Photoshop

In conclusion, creativestoic hopes you have fun with whatever medium you choose to work on and enjoy these free wall paint textures on all your creative projects. With that said, it’s back to the stoic cave. Until next post.

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